Trekker professional development program

A two-day workshop for equipping high potential / value professionals with the tools to excel in their current position and prepare for future leadership roles.

  • Do your professional individual contributors expect development opportunities that support their advancement and career goals?
  • Do some of your most valuable team members struggle gaining support for important ideas and initiatives?
  • Do your individuals need help establishing their personal brand and managing their career? 
  • Would you like to fully engage all of your team members to accelerate your business results?
  • Is retention of critical future leaders a concern for your organization?


Program Outcomes
The TrekkerProfessional Development Program equips critical professionals to thrive in their current position and prepare for leadership roles by providing the tools to:

            • Effectively communicate, interact and collaborate with others
            • Have more impact in selling their ideas and influencing outcomes
            • Increase self-accountability, productivity and effectiveness
            • Manage their “personal brand” and career
            • Develop an interest in self-development that lasts


Who Should Attend

The TrekkerProfessional Development ProgramTM  is designed for solution for Individual contributors from all functions with a minimum of 12 months work experience who:

            • Need to influence others in order to promote their ideas or support their work
            • Need to collaborate with their teammates and other areas of the organization
            • Need to start building their network of internal and external contacts
            • Have a desire to build and nurture their professional “brand” for future career success and advancement

  locationProgram Location & Time

This program is only delivered "on-site" at this time. We current do not have any open enrollment sessions planned. Please contact us to discuss delivering this program at your site. 



Please contact us for program pricing.




Program Content Details


1. Emotional Intelligence (EQ) 

  • Definition & Importance of EQ
  • Four components of EQ (Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Management
  • EQ Self Assessment
  • Tools to increase EQ
  • 180 Degree Survey

2. Communication & Collaboration

  • Effective Listening & Empathy
  • Communication Style
    • Self Assessment 
    • Application - how to flex your style.

3. Self Accountability

  • Definition / examples
  • Stages of Accountability
  • Accountability Self Assessment
  • Above the Line / Below the Line concept
  • Staying “Above the Line”

4. Influencing

  • 3 Modes of Influencing & Persuasion
    • Ethos, Logos, Pathos

  • Planning for influence
  • Practical Real Application Planning
    • Your biggest influencing challenge
    • Creating a plan

5. Personal Branding

  • What Creates a Brand?
  • Creating the Ultimate Teammate brand
  • 4 Steps to GROW your Personal Brand

6. Personal Action Planning

  • Creating a Personal Development Plan using the GROW process