Vendor Alignment 

Driving Successful, Lasting Relationships

In today’s global economy, increasing trends toward outsourcing have resulted in significant changes in the way teams and managers operate. Many organizations have transitioned from employing functions – especially IT – in-house, to partnering with third-party providers, seeking access to top talent, expertise and cost-effective solutions. When these transitions occur without a clear plan for alignment and vendor performance management, frustrations and challenges quickly arise on both sides. 

Business Team Manager

An IT manager accustomed to managing internal employees is suddenly dependent on a group outside of his office – often, on the other side of the world – to deliver critical projects successfully and on time. How does he ensure the needs of his team and his clients are met?

Vendor Partner Team 

A team of highly trained IT professionals is selected as a third-party partner for the organization above. Experts in their field, they enjoy critical thinking and problem solving, but are able to leverage their expertise and develop solutions that meet the needs and expectations of their clients?