Our Summit Leadership Excellence Program was a huge  success in 2021!

 Here's what our participants had to say: 

“Very effective program. Learned a lot”

“It’s simple. Thank you. This was very valuable and I think will be a key step in getting me to the next place in my career”

“I had no idea I would learn so much. I didn’t know there were tools like this available” “Comfortable environment. Well planned. Great content.”

“This workshop is great for managers who have lots of raw talent, but the extra push to reach their full potential.”

“Taken classes like this before and this is the best one yet. Engaging and very relatable subjects that even myself without direct reports can use to influence others”

“This is one of the best I have been to/attendees. I highly recommend this for more managers of our organization and thank you so much for identifying and recommending this to me.”

“This was a life changing experience”

“This is an incredible opportunity to align on management methods and change the perspective of individuals who have potential but may not see their own challenges.”

“Excellent leadership session. Well rounded to all aspects of being a strong leader”

“Thank you for the opportunity to learn and grow my management skills.”

“Great program! Extremely valuable information and tools”

“A lot of self reflection. Exceeded my expectations”

“I learned a lot about my own personal leadership style, even things I did not realize.”

“Great program! Extremely valuable information and tools”

We've expanded with a 5th program schedules in 2022!

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